Built to enhance teamwork through self-awareness.


Zebra is a psychometric tool based on Carl Jung's well-established, four colour model. Its purpose is to help people understand their own and other's working style and strengths, with a focus on how everyone can most effectively contribute to the team.

"15% of success comes from knowledge and direct skills. The remaining 85% comes from interpersonal and leadership skills" (Dale Carnegie)

A refreshing approach in a familiar language

The underlying principles of colour energies will be familiar to many people who have already undertaken Learning and Development (L&D) training, and intuitive to those who are new to this. Zebra can be either a stand-alone psychometric assessment to supplement L&D training, or a refresher for existing training.

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to

Richard Branson.

Designed by L&D practitioners and HR professionals

When we designed Zebra we asked L&D practitioners and HR professionals an important question - "What are the most important things people learn from psychometric testing?" And then we focused on answering the questions the experts have told us are the most valuable.

Zebra presents answers to these questions in plain English. Answers to questions such as 'What is your ideal working environment' 'What is it like to work with me?' 'How can people communicate with me most effectively?' 'What type of person do I find most challenging to work with and how can I work more harmoniously with them'

When people connect great things happen


Zebra opens the door to more effective connections between people. With mutual understanding and respect, comes well-being, collaboration, and engagement, all of which underpin the type of peak performance seen in organisations famous for putting people first.