The latest machine learning technology combined with tried and trusted behavioural science.


Wavelength is an interactive, dynamic, real-time dashboard that facilitates and supports people development training. It provides on-going advice and training to allow team members, managers and organisations to effectively communicate and collaborate. It uses machine learning combined with the well established Jungian theories of colour energy to provide an interface which is familiar, intuitive and accessible.

Engagement, leadership and development, supported by on-going learning

Wavelength helps managers and team members to identify and understand communication styles, work styles, individual strengths and areas of development for themselves and their colleagues. Wavelength also provides tailored coaching on how to communicate effectively with other team members and both tailored and valuable information to help deploy and motivate human resources in the most effective way.

A software specification report might need a results-hungry leader to make things happen, a technical ‘guru’ who is both creative and process-driven and an adept artistic designer and writer; but they all need to interact harmoniously. In short, Wavelength can help select the best people to work with one another based on their working style AND coach them to ensure that they work effectively and productively together.

Cloud based technology available anytime anywhere.


Wavelength is a secure cloud based platform which is accessible through your web browser on mobile or desktop. So if you’re a sales person wanting to brush up your communication skills on your way to an important meeting, or a project manager sitting at your desk working out how to effectively deploy the skills of your team, wavelength is always there.

Integrate with your existing training or add something new.


Wavelength can adapt the results from your existing colour energy profiling to support your existing training, or we can provide a whole new approach with Zebra, Human Technology’s proprietary psychological profiling system.

Teams work best when they’re all on the same wavelength


We’ve all experienced businesses that are able to deliver high quality innovative products time after time. These businesses all say the same thing, it’s all about their people, because when people connect on the same wavelength amazing things happen.