Using Artificial intelligence to understand the real natural you


We built seahorse to make behavioural science accessible and engaging so that anyone, anywhere can easily understand their personality type; and then compare and share with friends, colleagues and family members. By allowing people to better understand themselves and those they interact with, seahorse provides insights to improve communication and relationships. The end result? Perfect (or almost!) harmony!

Fulfil your best strengths at work, at play or in relationships.

Seahorse allows you to better understand why you're the way you are...and provides a common language to see what character friends and colleagues see you as... Swashbucklers, Serenaders and Free Spirits are spontaneous and all agree that long-term planning is not as important as living in the moment, but don't ask Head Prefect or Model Citizens to make a decision without knowing all the facts first!

Empowering you with greater self awareness


Seahorse provides insights into the unique strengths of your personality and knowledge is power! You can share this info to help your friends and colleagues better understand why you're the way you are. You can ask your friends to use seahorse to understand why they're the way they are. You can understand what you're most likely to be good at and play to your strengths, or identify new areas to develop. And suddenly you'll find that life flows better the more you get on with others. It's surprising how much difference even a little knowledge makes!

How does Seahorse work?


People with different personality traits use unique combinations of words, punctuation, capitalisation, emojis, abbreviations and so forth. So by processing these aspects of written communication, seahorse can accurately identify personality traits. These traits are then used to identify personality types which are presented to users in the form of entertaining characters. The data which seahorse uses is anonymised and encrypted in order to ensure complete security and data protection compliance.

Try it for yourself, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by swimming around with the Seahorse.