We believe that when people connect great things happen both in business and at home!

To do this we are building software that understands peoples psychology to help them form the type of emotionally intelligent connections that improve their well-being and effectiveness, at work and at home.

The start of our journey is to understand how written communication can be used to understand elements of people’s personalities. To begin this process we need to build a database which links examples of written communication to personality types. We have built a website called Genesis which is designed to collect the information we need, but we need your help.

How do I start?

To help with Genesis you need ten minutes to answer some questions and you need a Gmail account. This process is anonymous and secure and has been approved by Google.

To begin just email genesis@human-technology.com using the subject line ‘help with genesis’.

• We will send you an email explaining what to do next.
• The email will contain an anonymous link. Clicking on the link will take you to the Genesis website.
• You will be asked to Login via your Gmail account
• You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire which will take about ten minutes (or less, depending on your personality type!).
• Genesis will present a short light-hearted paragraph explaining what type of personality it thinks you are (don’t take this too seriously – it’s just for fun!)

That’s it.

What will you do with the information I provide?

The objective of the process is to understand the different ways in which people of different personality types construct written language. That is to say that the process analyses your personality type and links it to elements such as the combinations of words you use, how you use punctuation, capitalisation, use of emojis, abbreviations etc. It does not analyse the context of the words or the meaning of the sentences.

The questions enable us to identify your personality type and this information is linked to analysis of the way in which you use language in your Google sent emails folder. The data will help to build an algorithm which will power seahorse our first AI powered personality profiling product.

How will you keep my data private?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the data provided to us is both anonymous and secure. This is a process which has been approved both by Google and by Wiggin LLP (data protection compliance legal advisers)

Your Google login will take place within the Google API on Google’s servers and is not accessible by Human Technology. The link in the email you will receive is unique to you, but does NOT enable Human Technology to identify your name or email address. The purpose of the above is to keep your email login details secure and to ensure that the data we use is entirely anonymous.

The extraction and analysis process is automated with no human intervention – no human is able to read your emails or see your question answers. Words relating to religion, political views, your health or words of a sexual nature have not been used in this process.

Full details of our data protection policy are available on the invite to Genesis email or here